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About Us

Good Schneider Cormier attorneys have a national reputation for excellence based on decades of combined experience representing individuals and organizations in criminal, civil, and regulatory cases before the state and federal courts and administrative agencies.  We have represented clients at all stages of proceedings, including trials, sentencing, appeals, habeas corpus and other post-conviction proceedings.  We have successfully defended numerous clients investigated for, or charged with, white-collar criminal offenses, including securities fraud, tax crimes, health care fraud, violations of laws and regulations relating to the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals and medical devices (FDA and FDCA), the export control of dual-use goods (CCL) and munitions (USML), copyright fraud and infringement, bribery, forgery, computer fraud and abuse, labor law violations (by employers and union officials) and environmental law violations.  We have also successfully defended persons accused of crimes such as larceny, embezzlement, kidnapping, possession and distribution of illicit drugs, sex offenses and murder.   We regularly represent professors, physicians, engineers, scientists, and students in scientific research and academic misconduct cases in universities, medical and dental schools, law schools, and before federal agencies (NIH and NSF).  And we advocate for physicians, lawyers, and other regulated professionals before the Board of Registration in Medicine, the Board of Bar Overseers, and other administrative agencies.

Many of our cases involve complex and challenging issues of first impression.  We take pride in our careful, thoughtful and creative approach to each case, paying attention to detail and the importance of diligent preparation.  In the courtroom, we make sure that our clients are well defended with skillful and zealous advocacy.  Our attorneys are backed by a talented and dedicated support staff, and we routinely consult with some of Boston’s – and the country’s – most respected experts and specialists.

We take seriously our role as counselors and care deeply about our clients.  We listen to our clients’ concerns, encourage their participation, and provide them with the information, advice, and considered professional judgment they need to attain their objectives.  We have a proven track record of success, even in some of the most difficult cases, including obtaining for our civil clients substantial settlements and verdicts, while obtaining for our clients accused of criminal offenses decisions not to prosecute, dismissals, not guilty verdicts and reversals on appeal.  We always focus on each case one client at a time, but we approach our work as part of a broader effort to advance the cause of constitutional due process, civil liberties, human rights, and the promise of equal justice.